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Fear-Based Decisions

mindset Apr 11, 2020

My favorite four-letter word is Hope. But I often see it overshadowed by the F-bomb: Fear. Decisions made from a place of fear or out of space of Love have resulted in some really terrible outcomes and turned out to be some dumb decisions! Fear and love are two very powerful drivers. But in times such as these, I see a lot of people making fear-based decisions. 

When your subconscious believes something terrible is lurking around the corner, you will make fear-based decisions which will typically not result in desirable outcomes. You are allowing your mind to believe you don't have any other choice and it typically takes you down a road full of despair. When fear is present, possibility is not. You might find yourself asking questions like will what do I do next? As opposed to what else might be possible? Do you hear the difference? There is power and possibility. There is hopelessness and helplessness in fear.

 Think back to a recent time when you made a decision based on fear? Was it from a lack of Hope? Was it from a mindset of scarcity?

As I write this, this COVID-19 Is unfolding to something uglier and scarier every day. There are two main fears I see people experiencing. The first and immediate fear is the fear of getting ill and dying. The second fear is the inability to provide safety and security with a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. It isn't the loss of a job that is scary, it is a loss of the ability to provide. 

Stay in gratitude. Even when it doesn’t make sense. Even when it seems impossible. You have your health. Your sight. A future that you get to create, designed by your wishes and goals and desires. Stay focused on what is possible, not what is taken from you. Stay hopeful. Hope means possibility. Instead of pouting about the change you didn’t ask for and don’t like, ask what can you make of this situation right now? Aristotle has some of the most incredible quotes. 

“Hope is a waking dream.”

Another one of my favorite quotes is from Aristotle: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. What are you learning about yourself right now? What behaviors are showing up? What is your go-to way of being when you are in a state of fear? If that state of being is working against you and not for you, set your mind on hope and gratitude and watch your perspectives shift. 

As a generation, we can take this on together and make a positive mark in history. But our actions are dictated by our mindset. Join me in staying focused on hope and not fear. What we focus on, we pull into existence.


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