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Personal Board of Directors

personal economy May 08, 2020

I heard something recently that I would love to share with you, is it really resonated with me. I had somebody pose the question: “who is on your personal board of directors?”

I really love that question because it made me start thinking more deeply. I look at a board of directors as a panel full of mentors, guides, and accountability partners. These are people that help you as the executive director of your life keep on track.

 Just like any successful business, there is a vision and mission statement. Have you thought of what yours is yet? It might be to hit a certain level of success. Or a certain job title. Or certain income. Or maybe your vision and mission for your life are to have a positive and meaningful impact in this world. Give some time and think deeply about what that looks like for you. And then look around at the people in your life. We are blessed with people that come into our lives for various reasons. There might be somebody that would be an amazing personal Board of director member for you.

Here are a couple words of advice. Make sure this person is a mentor and not appear. Make sure this person isn't close enough to you that will let you get away with slacking off or falling short of your stated mission and vision for your life. You want somebody who's going to coach you up, inspire you, and help you to accomplish what you say is important. Your spouse loves you too much and they will allow you to wiggle out of a commitment you have made yourself. Don't recruit somebody that you wouldn't be okay with trading lives with. If they are not living a life that you admire, don't ask them to be part of what you're up to. 

And lastly, ask him to hold you accountable in a way that resonates with you. Some people love the drill sergeant mentality. If that were you to me, I would fall to a fetal position and start bawling my eyes out. I would likely end up with an ugly cry and yell, “ why don't you like me?!” Or if somebody is too motherly and you need more direct and a push, make sure you were personalities and communication style a line. Be transparent with these people and ask them to hold you to a higher standard based on what you were sharing with them. Let them know how you need them to communicate, what works best for you. Consider setting up monthly or quarterly meetings. It doesn't necessarily have to be around table Style, it can be one to one. But I want to encourage you to seek out three people in your life that will help you to step into your greatness. I want to encourage you to even be so bold as to reach out to somebody who may not even know you (yet!). let them know what you would love to have from them and see if they would be on board for that. I know I love to teach and educate and grow others. That is the sole reason that I have this site setup. To give of my skill set and my knowledge and grow others. So how might someone want to pour into you? Ask them if they are up for the challenge and let them know but they're advice and inspiration could mean in your life. It would likely be an honor for them to help you accomplish stepping into who you want to be in this world.

I hope you know I'm sitting on the sidelines, watching you, and encouraging you. It's going to feel uncomfortable at first, just ask the caterpillar. but once you go through your changes, and your wings dry,  you will bring a ton of beauty into this world. Now go be the executive director of the life you want to live.


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