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Start changing your tomorrow today.


Uncover your core story with money, and make a life-altering discovery that will forever change your relationship with money.

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Enhance your mindset.

You have a relationship with money. It’s likely not the best relationship in your life. You have a belief about money that you  haven’t questioned and probably don’t even know where your beliefs came from. Trade in your fear and reshape your thoughts so you can enjoy abundance and cash flow!

Grow your economy.

Ready to shift your life and better understand finance and credit? You will follow a video-led plan to finally understand how to get "unstuck" with money. Then make powerful decisions that will build significance and a life of ease and control. Experience financial harmony without pain or fear.

Impact the world.

Learn what kinds of impact getting into action NOW has on your tomorrows. And when you have more, you can give more so start building now. The more you receive, the more you can give. See what your actions can do for your not only your world, but the world around you.


Credit Coaching by Kristi Podcast

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About the Podcast:

As your Credit Coach, I will share with you years of experience in analyzing credit reports and share with you thoughts, tips, and knowledge on how to optimize your credit score and maximize your credit understanding. Listen to the guidance of someone who has deep insight into the world of credit and credit scores.

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About Kristi Nowrouzi

Kristi Nowrouzi is an educator at heart. She loves to teach and guide those who desire to know more about taking control of their future. As a mortgage loan originator for over 12 years, she has analyzed thousands and thousands of credit reports, helped people have a well-rounded understanding of finance, money, and credit as it pertains to them. Kristi’s ultimate desire it to teach a solid foundation to as many people as possible. Society may have let us down in not providing great money mentors (until now!!) but it doesn’t have to remain that way.

Kristi lives with her husband and 2 fur-babies in Central Florida. She has a master’s degree in Executive Management and is a licensed mortgage loan officer. Kristi loves teaching from the stage about money personalities and behaviors and how to take control of your personal finances.

For speaking engagement inquiries, please email [email protected]

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